"To create, as a community, a leading e-assessment management system
that is scalable, secure, useable and extensible."


ExamSys is an enterprise-level e-assessment system led by the University of Nottingham. It has support for formative quizzes, summative exams, surveys and serveral other paper types. Authentic assessments can be created using any combination of 15 question types together with graphics, audio files and video. It has been designed around standards and supports QTI 1.2 import/export to its internal question bank, LTI support for integration with VLEs and LDAP for authentication.

Examples of ExamSys pages

Demo Version

If you are interested in quickly seeing what ExamSys can do please sign up for a temporary account on our demo server at:

LTI is enabled on the demo, you are welcome to use it with the following details:

Please see the online help for how to use this.


ExamSys is copyright © 2019 and is held by the University of Nottingham. It is released under a GNU GPL v3 open source license whereby partners can modify, extend and contribute to the project. Full source-code can be downloaded at:

For installation instructions please read: Installing the Application


The project has a mailing list where new versions and announements will be released. Sign up at:



Documentation is available online

Bugs and Feature requests are tracked on the ExamSys issue tracker

Get Involved

We are part of an open source community, as such contributions are welcome.


The ExamSys team would like to thank the following for their support: