ExamSys language packs

To install an ExamSys language pack simply download the language for the version of ExamSys you require and unzip in the base directory of your ExamSys install.

Please note that previous translations will be overwritten.

All Czech Polish Slovak
Version 6.3 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 6.4 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 6.5 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.0 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.0.5 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.2.0 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.3.0 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.4.0 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]
Version 7.5.0 [zip] [zip] [zip] [zip]

The above language packs are available and are maintained by the community at the ExamSys Crowdin project. Please get in touch if you would like to add another language or contribute translations to existing languages.